Once upon a time in the northern regions of France (or Kentucky), there lived an evil King and Queen.   They were very selfish and mean and wouldn't take care of the puppies in their kingdom. So some of the the puppies got very sick and very thin! One day, a really nice lady came along and took the puppies to a home where they got food all the time and they got medicine to make them better, but best of all, they got lots and lots of love! Soon the puppy named Anais (An-eye-ees) was all fat and happy and turned into a very spunky and active little princess! And then she got all her shots to keep her healthy and she got spayed and microchipped and then she was ready for her new forever home! Anais loves her stuffed toys and her nyla bones and she just wants  to live in a nice little house (or a big house) where she gets food and toys and love! Apply to adopt today at!

Anais’ adoption fee is $200.