Hiya!! My name is Barbie! So my story is a sad one. I was locked in a crate by my “family” & left for several weeks without food or water. I lived in that crate. It was awful. The police rescued me & took me to the shelter. The shelter was really loud & I spent several more weeks hiding in the corner shaking. The good news was that I got a lot to eat. The people at the shelter gave me lots of treats & attention but I was just really scared. I liked the Rescue lady when she came to get me. I was so happy & excited to be out of the shelter. My tail has not stopped wagging. She described me as a ditzy blonde after I explored her whole car, got into the treats, checked out the chihuahua & generally just bounced around. That’s how I got the name Barbie! So, here are my stats so to speak..... I am around 1-2 years old, I am a small pit... around 45 lbs, I am totally cool with every dog big & small ( I love to play), I am good with cats, I like people & I am good in my crate.... just so you know I would really prefer to sleep in bed with someone.... just sayin!
If you need a ditzy blonde in your life apply to adopt me today!  barbies adoption fee is $175.