Meet Cakey our tiny tri - pawd! This little girl is as sweet as her name. She came to us with a hurt front leg that she could not use. It had developed a huge sore from dragging the ground. The vet believes that nerve damage from getting her leg caught & jerked is the culprit. Cakey is around 2 years old & is tiny weighing in at around 30 lbs. She loves every person she meets, is great with dogs & great with cats. She loves toys & will bunny hop ( on three legs) for treats. Losing her leg has not slowed her down at all. 
Cakey is pretty quiet but she does have a beautiful singing voice when she decides to use it. The truth is that she’s mostly mutt but we have decided to create our own personal designer breed..... Beagle ( for the singing voice) with a sort of a pitty head ( if you tilt your head in just the right way when you look at her) soooo we are calling her a “peagle”!!! ( we think we’re funny!! ) ‍♀️