Hello, my name is Chipmunk and I’m a very gentle and sweet 16 month-old pit-bull mix (15% boxer…I have DNA test to prove it!).  I’m definitely a “lover not a fighter type” and love to visit with other dogs and even cats!

I currently live with my adoptive family and sleep in bed each night with my 9 & 6 year-old sister-owners.  They love my floppy ears and when I lay on my back with my legs in the air to sleep. Snuggling with my owners and running, chasing, and wrestling with my big brother Shep (who’s also a pit-bull mix) are my absolute favorite things to do.  Did I mention I live with a cat??? Yeah, it’s true…I like to lick him and love when he swats me which really gets me in a playful mood.

Again, I’m spayed, caught up with my vaccinations, healthy and very sweet and affectionate.  What’s not to love, right???

But here’s the deal: though my owners love me and I love them, my big bro and I need a new forever home.  I’ve gotten out a few times in my neighborhood (my owners fault, not mine), the neighbors complained, and my owners got in trouble and now I need a new home.  Can you help a girl out???

Oh, and get this…my current family will pick up my Veterinary care for the next 2 years!

To meet me is to love me…so can we just meet???