Okay so let me introduce myself. My name is Crash. I'm from Kentucky. Kentucky......wasn't great. I got stuck in the pound for a long time. But I finally got a little bit of luck. AAP rescued me and brought me to a foster home in Dayton.

Lots of cool stuff has happened since I got here. First thing I got was a bath. And then ANOTHER heavy duty bath at a cool place called Pet People. Now I smell GOOD and I've decided that baths are pretty cool. I also got a sweet new collar. It's red. Kinda matches my fur. I also got my own DOG BED! IT'S MY FAVORITE THING EVER. I don't think I've ever had one of these before and I'm SUPER EXCITED about it. I rubbed my big head all over it before plopping down on it. It's so comfy. I'm going to spend a lot of time laying on it. 

I've also learned a couple of things in just a few days. I figured out that it's better to let my foster people open the glass storm door to let me out instead of banging my head into it. It was a little embarrassing.... I'm getting really good at going down stairs. However, going back up is........ still a work in progress. I can do it,  but in my head it's usually like "OK, 3...2...1...GO! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD......WHEW. I DID IT!!!!!" Oh yeah, and I learned to sit (for treats.....duh!) in like 24 hours. Not bragging or anything...

So a little about me. I'm a BIG boy. How did I get the name Crash? Well my foster people said I kinda have this big, lumbering, slightly uncoordinated style. Sometimes I'm just so happy to see you I just kinda bump into you (or try to lay in your lap-old puppy habit. I'm working on it.....) I'm also pretty chill. I don't make a lot of noise. I like sleeping in my crate (with my new dog bed!). Just laying around the house is one of my new favorite activities. I love people. People I know. People I don't know. The cat is cool, even though she's usually looking down at me from somewhere. Really I'm just grateful to have a home. So, if you want a big, sweet, friendly, chill, and grateful buddy, I'm your dude. 

P. S. I’m a shy pooper. Don’t watch me.... Crash’s adoption fee is $175. He is up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped.