Hello, my name is Duncan and I want to tell you about myself. My foster mom likes to call me Duncan Donut. One because my favorite think to do is sleep in the bed with her and curl up in a ball behind her legs like a donut. And two, because my foster mom says I give her the donut look that says "please donut make me move from here". I hope you find my donut face as cute as my foster does because well, I am looking for a family of my own.

This world is an exciting place now that I am no longer behind bars. You see I ended up in a dog pound and my time was up. I got pulled from the pound with one hour left of my life and every day since them I have learned how to be a pet in a loving household. My foster has done a lot for me and taught me some pretty cool things like sit, shake, and lay down. I am now potty trained as they say but really I just learned to use the bathroom outside. I love love love walks and car rides especially to go get cheeseburgers cause those are my favorite. If I am not running around well can I please lay on the couch with you? I do love to do that.

I hope you or someone you know can help me find a home. My foster loves me very much and tells me I deserve a good loving home. I hope she is right because that sounds pretty nice to me.