Hi our names are Phoebe (black and white) and Gracie(brown and white)! We are very sweet and playful gals who have had a rough start in life. We came into the rescue together. We were found abandoned, we were both skin in bones and very very dirty. We could barely walk. This nice lady rushed us to the vet and from there we got all fixed up! Our foster mom and dad filled our bellies with yummy groceries and we have been gaining weight like crazy! We look normal now! The vet tells us we are 2-4 years old, but our foster mom would guess closer to 2 because we are soooo playful! When we first got to our foster moms house, neither of us knew how to be dogs. We would just stand there and stare at our foster family. We didn’t know what bones or tennis balls were. We were nervous and scared. 
But now we know that not all humans are mean and neglectful. We now know that most humans are good! We’ve learned to trust humans, we adore our two legged foster siblings! When we say adore we mean LOVEEEE. The little two legged people are the best!! We are really well behaved, and all we truly want is to snuggle on the couch with you and soak up all the lovins. 

We are such good girls, however our one downfall would be that we don’t like cats. So we would do best going to a home without any kitties.  Other than that, we are great and loving our new lease on life!! We are both spayed, microchipped, heartworm tested and up to date on all of our shots. Please give us the chance of forever!



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Added on 6/11/18

Currently with germantown, oh 45327

Listed by Adopt a Pit Rescue

Adoption fee: 175

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