Hey guys, Howard here. Someone dropped me off at a barn full of stinky horses and I ended up with AAP. They cut my manhood off and gave me a bunch of shots and this thing called a microchip. I came to this real cool farm to live until I find my forever family...whatever that is. My foster mom (odd duck) told me I needed a bio to advertise myself; I thought that was illegal? Anyway, I’m Howard... I like being out side and being left alone. I like to hunt groundhogs, rabbits, and anything else that will run from me. My foster family has some barn cats and I know better than to mess with those suckers, they are rude! I play pretty good with this weird dog that lives at my foster house, although I’d rather hunt. My foster dad took me to see some cows and I LOVED chasing and barking at them so I definitely need some of those in my new house. I sleep in my crate and I don’t pee in the house. My foster mom says I’m a good traveler. Ya got a place for me?  Howard’s adoption fee is $175. He is up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped.