June Bug

Hi there! I’m June bug! Be prepared because I’m about to break your heart. You see, my brother and I were dumped. We survived mainly off of trash, just trying to get by. After weeks without a real place to call home, someone finally helped. Once in our new foster home we blossomed! Dog food? Fantastic! Twice a day? Even better! I love wrapping up with a fluffy blanket; we never had those perks before. I’m still a baby at around 9 months old. For being so young I’ve been through a lot already. 

I know “sit” and “go to your bed”, but I’m working hard everyday to learn more! Other dogs make me super happy! I love to play! I could be a great running partner or the perfect snuggle “bug”. If you think I’d be the perfect fit for your family, (which let’s be honest, I totally am) apply to meet me today!