Maliek is the most snuggliest dog you will meet.  He wants to be close to his people and wants to sit in your lap even as he has went from about 35 lbs. to 50 lbs.  He loves when he is snuggled between his sister and his person.  The siblings were pulled from a local shelter due to their demodex.  It is a skin condition that is non-contagious to humans and other pets.  His skin is healing and his hair is growing back in.   Maliek is so calming, he will just press against you-it is so sweet.  He is mostly in snuggle mode, but his sister will get him to run around the yard and play.  He likes to carry toys around and will play tug with another dog.   He would enjoy having another dog in the house, but could be an only dog.  He loves his kitties, but doesn’t like when they go eat in their cat tree so he will bark at them, which he is easily directed and has lessened now that he realizes they will come back down.  He would do well with children as he loves nothing more than being with people.   He does amazing with crate training!  He is working on potty training, he has come so far and does well when on a schedule.  He loves car rides and going places and meeting people.  He is such a big love that he is drawn to new people.  He does well with walking on a leash and will come when called.  He is such a happy boy!  Maliek would love a life of hanging out or going out and about.  He has such an easy going personality he really could be great in most homes! Maliek’s adoption fee is $200.