Can I tell you a little about me? My name is Waffles and I'm a 12 week old pit mix. My brothers and I came into the rescue on July 21st when we were just a day old. It's not my mom's fault, she just couldn't take care of us right. So two extremely fatigued humans woke up every 2 hours to bottle feed us. I know... that's CRAZY! So now we are ready to venture out and find our forever families. I'm probably gonna be a small girl, my brothers are twice the size of me. At the moment I'm a curious, clumsy puppy that is not even close to potty trained but I do love to play with everyone. That includes big dogs, little dogs, cats, children, toys, shoes.... you name it, I'll put it in my mouth. Oh, I wasn't supposed to mention that! But really, I'm gonna need a lot of chew toys. I should be monitored around bigger dogs though because I have no sense of self preservation, my foster mom says. I will try to eat out of other dog's food bowls and play with their toys and mom says that's not always wise. Otherwise I'm a happy, healthy pup that's ready to go!  Waffles’ adoption fee is $200.