Boy George

Boy George is a big, medium-to-long-haired grey & white male, around 5 years old; with a wonderfully calm & easy-going nature.  He's affectionate and interactive; loves to be picked up for hugs & snuggles, and loves a warm lap or to curl up next to you in bed.  He gets along great with other cats; and used to live in a household with a dog & liked snuggling up with the dog too!

Georgie has a thing for toy mousies; he "catches" them and parades around with the toy in his mouth, chirping loudly so you'll know what a mighty hunter he is!

He was brought in from outside as a very sick cat - took months to get him over a very deep, vey persistent upper respiratory infection - but he got over it and is now a very healthy boy!  Except - that he's overgrooming, probably due to the stress of lots of kitties at his foster home.  He looks a little thread-bare from his back & sides where he's licked and groomed a lot of his hair off!! The vet took a skin scraping (nothing), and we've tried him on steroids (helped for a short time, but he was back at it when they wore off), flea treated (none)  - so we think he needs to be out of his foster home where there's just too many cats for his liking.

Adoption fee includes being spayed or neutered, vaccinated, combo-tested - negative - for FIV and FeLV, and micro-chipped.  The adoption fee is $50.00. 

If interested in adopting, please fill out our application at