Chloe Bridgette

Betsy, Brianna, and Bridgette were found at a local Speedway.....would have grown up feral if we had not taken them in.  Bridgette was adopted as a kitten and was renamed Chloe.  Sadly her original family went through a divorce and we took her back.

She was born around 4/15/2014.  She has the prettiest, sleekest coat - very abyssinian like!  She can be timid at first and is most social in the evening.  Once she knows you, just put your hand out and she will do all the work - she is a self petter!  She has been fostered with other cats and is not dominant at all.  She is very sweet and quite pretty.  She was adopted in 2018, but returned 1 1/2 years later.  The family got kittens and Chloe Bridgette was being to shy for the family.   Poor girl.  She is beautiful and uncomplicated and would do best in a quiet home.

Adoption fee $50 or 2 adults for $75.    Fill out our application at  if interested in adopting one or two!