zz "Luna" courtesy listing

THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue and its volunteers have not evaluated this animal in any way and can not be held liable for the current condition or future care of the animal. Please work with the specific contact in the posting to confirm if the animal is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, etc. and for a complete description of the animal's personality and behavior traits.

Luna is roughly 8-9 months old and is as cute as a button. She has the tiniest of meows and talks to you, follows you and loves to curl up on your lap. She has lived with other cats but she can sometimes be too persistent with her rough play, so would be too much for a quieter cat. She LOVE people, and does well with kids.

We think she will be a small cat as she has not grown too much. She is as light as anything, and is okay with being picked up and held.

She's spayed, had shots, she's not microchipped, we have paperwork for her medical history.

Reason for rehoming is that she does not get on with our dog and has become territorial with him, and fights him to get our attention. This is affecting our dog and we feel Luna needs to be in a dog free home.

Contact Lauren 
laurencrerand@mac.com or