zz "Sassafrass" courtesy listing

THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue and its volunteers have not evaluated this animal in any way and can not be held liable for the current condition or future care of the animal. Please work with the specific contact in the posting to confirm if the animal is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, etc. and for a complete description of the animal's personality and behavior traits.

Sassafrass is 4 year old (On 3/25/20) calico. She is a gentle cat who loves to sit on a lap and cuddle. She enjoys petting and head scratching and will give love nibbles to show her affection. Sass is great with kids but, she will find a place to hide if small children get too handsy. she has been around children aging from 3-8 and has  never bitten or scratched them(she has never fully lived with children though).

She was given a clean bill of health at her vet appointment on 12/26/2019. Blood work was done and the vet said she is in perfect health.She is spayed and not on any medication.

She doesn’t have any litter issues and she has NEVER sprayed on anything in our house. She is NOT declawed and has NEVER scratched our furniture or us. She should probably be in a home WITHOUT another cat. However, she had previously lived with our small dog (a miniature pinscher) before our dog passed(3 years ago), and didn’t have any issues with her. At the time of her living with a dog she was 3 months old and she only lived with our dog until she was 11 months old. She was then an only cat for about 7 months.

Sass has NEVER been outdoors, but she enjoys sitting in a screened window and watching birds (what cat doesn’t?). Sass LOVES string, laser lights, the Bergen ball/scratching toy, catnip socks, feather teasers, boxes and tunnels. She does not typically play with cat mice(unless on a string).

Should you be interested in adopting Sassafrass, please contact Sara Black at sdblack2015@gmail.com or by phone of (812)655-5329.