Bear is a beautiful big boy, a 3-year-old purebred Ragdoll, no papers. BUT he is not your typical Ragdoll cat – he was raised by a breeder. He is not a lap cat, does not like to be picked up or held. He can be petted but only on his terms, when he wants it. He is definitely an “Alpha Cat”. No small children who will want to pick him up and hold him. It will take him a long time (possibly up to a month or a little longer) to get used to you. Until then he will hide. He likes to be on the highest “perch” in the room – back of the couch, windowsill or top of a cat scratching post. He does not like a lot of other cats – number of other cats must be limited and they must leave him alone. Too many cats or too much “in his face” and he will start acting out – biting, litter box issues. He has been OK with a kitten growing up with him but generally doesn’t like to play and doesn’t like cats trying to play with him. He was OK with a medium-sized dog but she didn’t bother him. He gets very matted and hates to be brushed so he must be professionally groomed several times a year. Once he gets used to you he will want to sleep with you, first under the bed then on it. Basically if he were a book he’d be a “coffee table book”, pretty to look at but that’s about it.


Do not try to pick him up or hold him.

Alpha Cat.

No small children.

Patience – he will take a long time to get used to you.

Likes a high perch.

Few other cats that will not bother him.

Professional grooming.

Coffee Table Cat