is a male and 1 of 5 puppies just 9 weeks old.  Mom was a Sheltie and dad was a Boston Terrier.  The largest puppy weighs 7 lbs. and we expect they will weigh up to 20 lbs. when full grown.  They are happy, energetic, spunky little puppies.  They are in a foster home together and are working on their housebreaking and crate training.   If you are interested in this puppy, please fill out an application at our website


I can’t be adopted but you can take me home foster-to-adopt. 
You must agree to bring your puppy to our vet for its spay/neuter appointment. 
A $150 deposit is required. 
If needed, we can lend you a crate until your puppy’s adoption is finalized.


Sue (513-484-9840) will work with you to schedule a convenient spay/neuter appointment. 
You may drop off the puppy before the office closes the night before the appointment or drop off the puppy by 9 am the day of the spay/neuter appointment. 
The vet office will call you with an update on your puppy and advise what time the puppy can be picked up (usually after 4 pm).


When you pick your puppy up from its spay/neuter appointment, Bonnie or Sue will meet you at the vet’s office to finalize your puppy’s adoption. 
You will need to return the crate (if you borrowed one), sign the adoption contract and pay the balance of the adoption fee of $150. 
You will receive a copy of your puppy’s medical records at that time.