Eve is approximately 6-8 years old and 8 pounds.  She is a fantastic cuddler. It can take her a little bit before she trusts you, but once she does she is super sweet and will nuzzle, give kisses, and be happy to lay her head on your chest and curl up in your arms. She loves to go for walks, and then prefers to cuddle on the couch over playing in the backyard. She is a little wary of dogs larger than her, and can be a little bit possessive. She is pad trained and does very well with that. She has had some dental work and is missing several teeth, but she doesn’t have any problem with hard food and can even do crunchy treats without a problem – she just enjoys them a little longer. Thunderstorms don’t seem to bother her. Fireworks concern her a little bit but not too bad. She is well behaved and would work out well in an apartment or condo, but she would be happy in a house too.