Matty is a happy Labrador/Flat Coated Retriever mix.  He is around 5 months old and currently weighs 32 lbs.  We believe he may weigh close 60 lbs. when full grown.  Matty is just an enthusiastic puppy that likes running and playing.  You will need to invest in training to help him channel his energy and learn how to be a great family pet.  Until he is trained, Matty may knock young kids over in his excitement.  A fenced yard is necessary for Matty.


Our adoption fee includes the dog's spay/neuter surgery, parvo/distemper shots and rabies shots (for dogs over 3 months), deworming, microchipping, flea and tick protection, heartworm testing (for dogs over 6 months), and monthly heartworm protection until the dog gets adopted.


We have provided as much information about this dog as we have available at this time.  If you are interested in this dog, fill out an application at  If you would like a private meet and greet to introduce this dog to your current pet, you must complete an application first then call or text Sue at 513-484-9840.  We offer a one week trial period called Foster to Adopt with an approved application and a $100 deposit.  We can also lend you a wire crate for the trial period.  You can meet this dog in person Saturday (12-4 pm) at Eastgate PetSmart (650 Eastgate South Dr., Cincinnati, OH).