Are you ready for a guilt-free Sweet Treat? Say hello to our Sweet Treat litter of puppies! Girls Shortcake and Jellybean and boys Gumball, Peep, Snowcone and Fritter are sweet 13 week old basset hound mix puppies looking for furever homes. We expect these babies to be 30-40 lbs. when fully grown. You'll notice Peep doesn't have the same short stubby legs as his siblings. It could be that he had a different father (yes there can be more than one fath

er for a litter of pups), or he takes after whatever else was mixed in there. The other five are long and low, Peep is taller. These pups were dumped in a high-kill shelter, so we've never seen mama or daddy. We do require these puppies to have a fenced yard.


We have provided as much information about this dog as we have available at this time.  Please do NOT send an email or leave a voice message requesting additional information.  If you are interested in this dog, fill out an application at  If you would like a private meet and greet to introduce this dog to your current pet, you must complete an application first then call or text Sue at 513-484-9840


Your puppy can’t be adopted but you can take it home foster-to-adopt.  You must agree to bring your puppy to our vet for its spay/neuter appointment.  A $150 deposit is required.  If needed, we can lend you a crate until your puppy’s adoption is finalized.


Sue (513-484-9840) will work with you to schedule a convenient spay/neuter appointment.  You may drop off the puppy before the office closes the night before the appointment or drop off the puppy by 8 am the day of the spay/neuter appointment.  The vet office will call you with an update on your puppy and advise what time the puppy can be picked up (usually after 4 pm).


When you pick your puppy up from its spay/neuter appointment, Bonnie (513-967-0007) will meet you at the vet’s office to finalize your puppy’s adoption.  You will need to return the crate (if you borrowed one), sign the adoption contract and pay the balance of the adoption fee of $150.  You will receive a copy of your puppy’s medical records at that time.